NJPG July-December 2010

July-December 2010
This issue of NJPG is mostly focused on public policy, good governance, local governance, civil society and social capital. Obviously, the importance of governance issue lies upon the intentional acceptance of rights and obligations of every actor of the society coupled with the committed sharing of information among actors. The issues of governance itself emerged out through imbalances of power among actors, the evolving culture of distrust and declining values of mutual respect. So, the articles of this issue are the confluences of different winds flowing in the South Asia reflecting the governance status. The article ”Towards Good Governance: South Asian Perspective” has focused on the theory and practice of governance issues in South Asia. The issues of conflict and peace in Chittagong Hill Tracks emphasizes on institutions engaged in conflict mitigation, negotiation and peace building in Bangladesh. Similarly, the other articles have discussed the theoretical and practical issues of policy and governance including the issues of decentralization and local governance in Nepal. The article on the Youth Activism in Indian State of Assam has been selected to publish because we still find its validity and relevance in the context of continuous up-surging the issues of governance for equality of rights and sharing of benefits between the indigenous people and the immigrants. Last but not the least; we would like to express our sincere thanks to the contributors who have supported with their writings to bring out this issue in this form. We will be grateful if our valuable readers put forward their suggestions in order to regularly improve the quality of the Journal.