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Recruitment in Bangladesh Civil Service: Do Meritorious Get Enough Representation?

Merit in employment in public service is a key element of excellence. A competent civil service is indispensable for the active execution of public policy and public service delivery. Government needs to confirm that brilliant, capable and devoted people are in employment in the arena of civil service to form a well-organized civil service system. A comprehensive recruitment plan contributes stress on merit rather than any other concern. However, merit has not given proper prominence in our recruitment rule. Most of the posts in the civil service are reserved for the desired groups through the system of quota. Owing to the gaps in the recruitment system, a great number of unskilled applicants have come into the civil service and creates stumbling block towards the way of representation of meritorious candidates. The consequence of such recruitment has been distressing for the country. The paper mentions some recommendations to become free of this condition so as to generate job opportunities to the meritorious and promising applicants with effectiveness for ensuring good governance in the state.
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