Public Service Delivery

Innovations in Public Service Delivery for Ordinary Citizens

Innovations have become key players in defining pro-poor governance. While this provides visibility to a good work of an administrator it also raises many perplexing questions. Their need, appropriateness and impact has challenged traditional bureaucracy and by doing so has brought a refreshing change in society. Interestingly, they are reified as something existing outside the bureaucracy and beyond administrative capacities. They have become the fly wheel of governance even though they tend to do what bureaucracy should be doing but fails to do. The instrumentalist state relies on innovations in service delivery and democratization of society becomes inadvertent fallout of its implementation process. New partnerships and private networks come to occupy the space where bureaucracy withdraws but their interaction is largely guided and premeditated by the state politics. The paper attempts to understand and analyze the nature and role of innovations in pro-poor governance.
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