An Approach to Create a Sustainable Natural Water Resource Management System through Participatory Initiative in the Himalayan Region

Water is the most precious commodity in universe and perhaps only Earth is bestowed with this. Though we have plenty of it but it is only about 2 percent of earth’s fresh water, which sustains human life. Unfortunately, today’s world is advancing at a steady pace towards a “below water poverty line” situation, irrespective of its confines and advancement. This paper suggests an implementable participatory approach to manage fresh water resources for its long-term sustainable use. Such an approach is practically addressing major problems like water shortage, inefficient water use, sanitation, pollution and inadequate operation cum maintenance related to naturally available palatable water in the Himalayan area of the district of Nainital in India. This paper emphasizes and draws a systematic outline for people’s involvement in operating and maintaining a valuable natural resource in an area where its availability is gradually under threat.
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