Youth Organization

Youth Organizations as a Starting Point to Formal Politics: A Case of Malaysia

Civil society is an important agent for development, capable of ensuring national stability, and sovereignty to support progress and development. However, studies of civil society including youth organizations in Malaysia are rare in comparison to other areas. The under-researched nature of this area strengthens the interest in examining youth organizations and their contribution to Malaysian political development. This study investigates the values, practices and characteristics of the civil society, especially the young people, in Malaysian political development. The main proposition of this study is that youth organizations play a significant role in Malaysian political development such as creating awareness and interest to formal and informal politics. Although the presence of informal groupings of youth is found in Malaysian society, this paper focuses on formal youth organizations because they are the major components of structured-organizations of the civil society or the non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These NGOs have comprehensive coverage geographically and inclusive of rural areas. The research employs a mixed-methods technique to address both primary and secondary data. These primary and secondary data are analyzed through independent and integrative analyses as such triangulation enhances the reliability and validity of the findings.
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